APEX Sports Academy

APEX Sports Academy
#410 – 17768, 65A Avenue
Surrey, BC
Fraser Valley, BC




The keys to APEX’s success are high-quality modern training
methods, discipline, teamwork & a positive attitude.

Founded in 2017, APEX is one of the most Elite and Modern
academies in the lower mainland. The aim at APEX is to shape young talents with
potential into top Footballers and human beings. The keys to APEX’s success are
modern training methods, discipline, teamwork, positive attitude, support,
responsibility, and leadership. We strive to teach our player to play modern,
attractive, attacking, expressive, TOTAL Football while experiencing a joyous
and creative environment.


Respect, Effort & Endeavor, Ambition, Passion &
Motivation, Teamwork, and Playing the right way are the 5 principal values that
define the unmatched spirit of Apex Football Academy


Respect for yourself, opponents, parents, referees and The
Beautiful Game is an absolute must at Apex. Respect is a crucial part of Sport
and life. Therefore, there is a need, above rules and standards, for this value
to be present in order to guarantee wholesome interrelations between people. In
sport, respect is needed in similar situations to those where it is demanded in
wider society, at Apex we are particularly picky with this trait as we strongly
believe in developing the human as well as the athlete.


Consistent effort, dedication, sacrifice and perseverance
are all traits that can help us achieve greatness while the search for a quick
win is often short-lived and temporary. There are many sporting and social
models that avoid endeavor, instead they push opportunism and immediate triumph
upon players. Apex is strongly against this model as we believe this to be
toxic and counterproductive, especially in dealing with youth. Here, we
advocate a long term development philosophy promoting effort and endeavor as
the vehicle for athletic and personal excellence.

 “It’s a marathon, not a 100 meter dash”


At Apex, players are challenged on a daily basis to demand
the highest standards of themselves and be the best they can be. To achieve
this, we believe players need a burning desire from within for The Beautiful
Game and for development. As well, we believe it to be our duty to keep players
motivated and falling more and more in love with Football and life. This value
is applicable both to individuals and to groups. In regards to achieving your
personal and collective goals, passion and motivation are believed to be of
extreme importance at Apex Football Academy.


Teamwork implies that the subject forms part of a group and
that, as a member of the same, becomes an active element that acts on behalf of
the whole (sometimes even to the determine of their own individuality). There
are undeniable benefits of knowing that you are part of a team and this
requires the learning and accentuation of many other values.


Apex Football Academy represents Attractive, Dynamic,
Technical Football along with a clear Football philosophy that is deeply
ingrained in all our players and teams. There are many Football organizations
that place winning above all else, Apex is not of them. For us, winning is a
product of playing Football in its purest form whilst displaying the Apex

With our attractive Football and values, we aim to inspire
Footballers of all ages in Vancouver, in BC and all across Canada.



At Apex, it is our strongest belief to ready our Boys and
Girls for Sport and Life! We ensure our Athletes receive the necessary
education / guidance to develop crucial skills, intelligence, confidence, know
how, and strength to achieve their goals both ON and OFF the field of play.

At Apex, we rely heavily on modern Football development
methods to create long term player development plans in which we strongly
emphasize the main pillars of player development;


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