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Dietitian Services

Legacies Health Centre
1394 Main Street
North Vancouver, BC V7J 1C6
Greater Vancovuer Area, BC


Legacies Health Centre offers Dietitian consults (telehealth/virtual and over the phone).

Initial appointments
are 45 minutes and follow-up appointments are 30 minutes long. If you are
unsure if this service is for you, you may book a 15-minute consult to see how
a dietitian can help you.

Dietitian consult is available as a stand-alone session, or part of the TOTAL Health packages
(Personal Trainings sessions + Dietitian Consult + Massage therapy).

Is A Dietitian Consult Right For Me?

You may consult a dietitian anytime you have a nutrition
question, need support to create a plan to meet your nutritional goals.

The following are examples of common topics that may benefit
from a balanced healthy diet:

  • Heart disease
  • High
  • High
    blood pressure
  • Low
    iron levels
  • Overweight
    or underweight
  • Gut/
    digestive health
  • Cancer;
    cancer prevention
  • Diabetes
  • Low
  • Pregnant
    and/or post-partum
  • Gout/inflammatory
  • Osteoporosis
  • Family
    and kids nutrition
  • Healthy
  • Food
    allergies and intolerance
  • Celiac
  • Sports
  • Eating
    Disorders & Disordered Eating
  • Meal

 What to Expect from
Your Consult?

During your first appointment, your Dietitian will perform a
comprehensive health assessment and ask questions about your health (history,
age, medical conditions, lifestyle, etc.), eating habits and preferences, food
allergies, as well as any supplements and medications you may be taking. Your
Dietitian will also talk about your individual short and long-term goals, and
develop a plan with simple steps to support you to get there. You will get
clear, attainable and sustainable recommendations aligned to your individual

Your follow-up consult will focus on how you are feeling since
you have changed your diet, the progress made since last session, and making
any adjustments as needed.

You may also add a meal plan option to your consults.

To learn more about our services, visit https://legacieshealthcentre.ca/services/dietitian.

To book your consult, call 778-373-0222.

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